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We are much more than just dance classes. Our members enjoy learning and practicing in a fun and relaxed setting. Come and experience our friendly atmosphere.


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Our regular classes are held in two sessions of 14 weeks - September to December and January to April, grouped in six levels. Each lesson lasts 1 hour/week.

Members are entitled to a free practice every Wednesday, from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm at Sarto Desnoyer Center. It's an excellent opportunity to meet members of all levels and socialize!

The first dance is Halloween dance and the last is the closing gala / show at the end of the year in May. Details are in our calendar.

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January 2018 Registration

Come join us in a new fun session (14 weeks). We offer 1-hour lessons with the option to attend a class one level below once a week. Practices are held every Wednesday from January 8 and all through the summer. Come party with us and hit the dance floor to show off your moves (3 dances: Valentine's Day, Easter Saturday and End-of-Year ). Dorval residents: 190$/couple; non-residents 230$/couple

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We have fun learning and dancing both Latin and Standard dances






Triple Swing


Slow Waltz


Viennese Waltz



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